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** a picther form the game cod4 - call of duty 4 **

For now there is only videos about computer games ..

Computer Games

what is all the fuzz about ?

To give you a look inside the world of computer game's
I recommend to watch this video

And remember, many player's sit in a totally dark room and the only light
comes form a light ball and form the game when they play the game's

- I point to this because the video displays the game darker then it really is and the quality of the video dont give the game 100% justice

The player, the human crontrolls the avantar, player in game with the mouse and keyboard and sees the world through the eyes of the avantar in the game.

Have real games feel, I will try to show you here, in a dimension all people have learnt form tv, the 2 dimension view

I say this to you, since computer games is 3 dimension view when you play and many people have not learnt this dimension, and feel it is making them sick as they watch it.

Even the world we live in, we see in 3 dimension view + we fell, smell and make assumption

So have real can computer games feel ?

Many now play on 40" screens, so the games realisme is not so easy to overlook as here.

- Press play on this video and lets have a look !!! click 2 times on it if it don't start :)

Yes, turn that sound up !!!

If you have a bit slow connection, the video can be a hard one to take.

If this gave you a little understanding of why watching normal movies

can seem a bit borring, this next one will give a depper understanding of the monsters in the game.

This was just to let you see a little into the, what is the fuzz about computer games, form here you can go on and watch more into this if you want to
- bon appetit !!!

lets see that 2. computer game player's video

This was only form the game F.E.A.R. found on youtube

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