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The idea behind "use a weblink as nick-user name"

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This first thing you learn about nick-user names is that someone else allready uses it or have used it

So if anyone would seach on google then there is no way you will turn up - so your nick-user name is not unique in anyway
:( !!!

So to find a unique nick-user name was my first big deal. But then I saw that weblink is unique, ass long as you keep the weblink ... hmm but close enough to unique for me !

So now if anyone would seach on google then you most likely would turn up and if anyone did write your name in the browser's www then they 100% would find you !!!

That was more like it and close enough to unique for me !

The idea did sound good, but security became an issue because the nick-user name as a weblink did make a person more public

Security as more and more people got there personal identity stolen from and on the internet and you allso want to avoid the persons who just like to hate or bully you for the sake of there own fun ?!

So to use a link to a webpage as nick-user name is a very public thing to do so it has to have this security in mind and still have the option to be a personal webpage ?! - on this webpage you see my way have to do it.

This pussel about to leave out the info that can be used to steal your personal identity and allso so that noone can hunt to hurt you for the sake of there own fun will leave a mark on the nick-user name weblink page

but as you can see on my nick-user name as weblink page here, it is possible to give others a feeling of what kind of person you are and a place to be contactet in person.

And that is offen what I feel I have been missing when I have meet other users/ people on the internet.

Just the option to click there name / write there name in the browser and see a little more about them and more importen an option to contact them. Maybe even so I could add them as a link in my "Did sound, feel as a cool person" link menu.

In that way the hole internet would be one big face book, if all people did have a nick-user name that was a link to a webpage :)
And when all in the world is connectet to the internet and if all did use a webpage link as there nick,
the hole world would be one big youtube place :)

What are you wating for, go do so your nick-user name is a link to a webpage now :)

Have can you do that if you don't have a webhosting or even a domain name to use as nick-user name or any money ?
On websites like www.mysite.com you can get a Free account - REMBER TO PICK THE FREE ACCOUNT !!! -
and there pick a weblink for your nick-user name.
( ps. you can not use the browser Opera to signup, as I know, use Firefox ! for that - Yes I use Opera me self :)
You can see have I did setup my Free mysite.com user page here mr-cool.8m.com

You can allso pay $9.95 per year at places like dreamhost.com and then use what ever you can find of free domains names to use as a nick-user name
$9.95/year is the cheapest I could find, and that only give access to .com .net .org .info if you don't allready have one.

The option to use what ever domain name you can find for $9.95/year
and then just redirectet it to a webpage you use, maybe on msn, facebook, youtube or whatever is a great cheap option !
and even if you change webpage you just change the redirect to that webpage !

So to use a nick-user name that allways leads back to you is possible :)

This did sound a bit odd first to use a www link as nick-user name, but now that I have used a weblink-nick for some time, I most say, it is quite fun :)

Just try to get a www link as short as possible as you can - for example you can see ttwio.org is only 5 letters + .org = 9 letters this means that I'm 99% sure to that I can use it as a player name, since the name is under 10 letters

And remmember if you try this out, don't use info on the webpage so you can get your identity stolen and allso avoid info so the persons who just like to hate or bully you for the sake of there own fun is keept out !!!

( use a free email account to add to your nickname weblink signup and page so you can allways change it and then only give those you feel you can trust a more personal email address !!! )

it is easy to give for those you come to trust and come to trust you more access to you via the nickname weblink contact email address or contact page. So don't add your xfire or anything els on your nickname weblink page, give those things only to those you come to trust as you normaly would do !!! It is better to be save then sorry !!!

Allso remember this: that because of all you say can be relatet back to you, you can't not just change nick-user name one (1) second later and so what ever was said can not be relatet back to you.

So this is just to make you think twice before you do this. Especially if you have a big mouth, you loose some of your anonymity with the use of a weblink as nick-user name.

( Yes I know that people could make a fake nickname weblink page, written in pure fantasy -
but let those who do that, live there !!! )

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